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e-Specialty Software & Consulting provides general IT consultancy and development services. These are most commonly in the following areas...

Software Development                                               

If you have a unique business problem, or just want something special, we provide advanced software development skills to develop a solution for just for you.

Some of the tools we use are:
            Microsoft .NET (VB)
            MS Excel (with VBA)
            MS Access (with VBA)
            MS Outlook (with VBA)
            SQL Databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Firebird and others)
Examples of our Software Development include:
          Production Scheduling
          Material Requirements Planning
          Specialised Excel Extraction Processes & Reports
          B2B (Business to Business) Interfaces
          Bank Transfer Integration (Generate ABA Files)
          PDF File Manipulation & Distribution     

Data Management                                             

Businesses generate and run on information. Whether it's Customers, Sales, Products, Inventory or Suppliers, or any of the transactions relating to these.

When managed poorly, this data can be a liability, with multiple version of the same data flowing through your organisation and no one knowing which is the latest or correct. By managing this data effectively, this data can become an asset, improving business processes and decision making.

We provide services and tools that organise and collate your data so you have one source of the truth and manage the distribution of the data across the business.

Examples of Data Management:
          Management Board Report Generation
          Inventory Item clean up
          Item Data Integration (for design drawings)
          Customer & Supplier Alignment (between separate systems)
          Item Catalogue Generation

Office Productivity                                          

Have those repetitive office administration tasks that are important, but take up you or your staff's valuable time?

As experienced developers in Microsoft Office products (Excel, Access, Word & Outlook), and system integration experts, we are in a unique position to automate those tasks and increase the productivity of your office.

Whether it's a new spreadsheet to calculate those all important numbers, or a way to automatically distribute reports via Outlook, we have the skills to help.

Software Installation & Configuration

We have a broad range of experience in installing and configuring new software packages with minimal disruption to your business.

New software often means new concepts and new ways of doing business. We can help you and your staff learn these new ways.

Having problems extracting data from the old system or  converting and importing data into the new system? We can help!

Business Process Change                                                           

You have heard it said - "Change is the only constant". Well that's true with your life and your business.

Business Process Change is about changing the way you do business. Finding better and more efficient ways to make your products, deliver your services and please your customers.
We can help facilitate that process, providing guidelines, new perspectives and different approaches. Then we can help manage that change through your business.

Project Management                                                           

We have experience and qualified staff in providing professional project management skills to manage change within your business. These skills will ensure that any change is managed effectively to minimise the cost and maximise the benefits of the change.
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